Margarita "El Amarna", The Northeast
Florida Belly Dancer," of
background has been dancing since she
was a child.  In her childhood she
practiced her zarzuelas, paso dobles and
fandangos in Spanish Tascas of
Caracas.  Also she practiced the joropos of
Venezuela, cumbias of Colombia and
tarantellas of Italy at local art festivals
in South America.     
After moving to the Caribbean she
pursued the passion for the Latin
music, understanding the culture of
the islands of Puerto Rico and Santo
Domingo and she learned from heart
the moves of mambo, rumba, bomba,
plena and salsa.
Her passion for Flamenco is malingered with
belly dancing and yoga practice.  Margarita
has been practicing Belly Dance in Hawaii and
California.  In Puerto Rico she started Flamenco
with Antonio Santaella and The School Danza
Activa with Carlos Bedoya.  In Hawaii she has
practiced Belly Dance with Kajira Djoumahna
and Troupe.  In California, San Francisco had
participated intensive Belly Dance seminars
with Janelle Rodriguez.
“Rita” has the art of dance and will
continue traveling to evolve in the art
of Belly Dance.  She continues her
practice of Flamenco with Naomi Vail
and “Flamenco de la Costa”.  
Margarita Dodd is a valued member of
Flamenco Society of North Florida,
"She has an effervescence and zest for
life that brings so much Spirit to our
Group.  She is truly as beautiful inside
as well as outside." - Naomi Vail,
Flamenco Society of North Florida