What is recommended for a first time student?
First time students should go to class wearing
comfortable clothing, like yoga pants and top. Also
invest in a good pair of finger cymbals and silk veil.

Is belly dancing a good way to get into shape?
Belly dancing is an excellent way to tone stomach
muscles and improve coordination and body

What can someone  expect to get out of belly
It can help a woman physically as well as spiritually.

How long does it take to become a professional
belly dancer?
It usually takes about two years minimum for
graduation. The student then has to submit
choreography and have a recital and demonstrate
that she is dedicated and well mannered.

What are the costs associated with starting belly
If you are going to be a student that wishes to
become a belly dancer the market has a variety of
options to go with your style and budget. Basic
costumes can run from $100 & up.

Should belly dancing be considered a hobby or
a career?
In the U.S. all of us are students, homemakers or
professionals and belly dancing starts as a hobby
and later starts unravelling in each person
individually as a lifestyle for fitness and spirituality.
it eventually leads to a career for some. It starts with
your family and friends recognizing you as a belly
dancer before you move to public performances.

How do I enter the market so that the
competition is professional and respectful?
There has to be a harmony and friendship along
with professionalism so that your career is filled with
success. You also have to learn to overcome the
difficulties of the belly dancing life.
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